Red Wine Susumaniello I.G.P. Salento

Flaminio is the interpretation that the Vallone family gives to native vineyards. The line takes its name from the historic Flaminio vineyards from which they are produced, and which are located on an ancient Messapian settlement on the outskirts of San Pietro Vernotico.

This is our ever-evolving tradition. Intense colors and fruity aromas. Generous yet approximate vine at a young age due to its productive exuberance. As they ripen, the overabundance of production suddenly disappears, giving space to grapes capable of expressing olfactory complexity with notes of leather and Mediterranean scrub.


Classification: I.G.P.
Variety: 100% Susumaniello
Area of production: Tenuta Flaminio e Tenuta Castel Serranova

Characteristics of the vineyard

Location:: North – South
Vine area: 15 hectares
Type of soil: limestone-clay
Growing method: bilateral spurred cordon
Average yield per plant: 1.6 kg

Manufacturing technology

Harvesting period: first ten days of October
Type of grape harvest: manual and mechanical

Winemaking technique

Soft de-stemming and pressing, temperature-controlled fermentation and post-fermentation maceration in heat-conditioned stainless-steel tanks for 15 days, after which follows the spontaneous malolactic fermentation.
Aging: cement vats and 50 hectolitre oak barrels

Aging in bottle: 3 months

Organoleptic characteristics

Colour: intense ruby with violet reflections, bright.
Aroma: fruity and spicy with vegetable notes.
Taste: well-structured, potent, savoury, a mellow
offensive with articulated progression and finally characterised with a soft tannic and a lingering spicy flavour in the mouth.